HIBERNO Leather Journal



What do you receive?
7 x 5-inch Buffalo leather journal with cotton rag paper
(To maintain the originality of the journal we have not branded the product with our logo)

The journal has hand stitched binding so no glue was used during the making of this journal
Because of the uniqueness of the Notebook it is not refillable and that is why you have 240 pages to write in which will last you for quite some time

We used Cotton rag paper as opposed to normal notepad paper. It is designed to hold ink much better than what we buy in our local store. It is most commonly used these days for fine art which is made to last.

Here are 5 reasons why you will love our Journal:
No two Notebooks are the same so you have a pad that is unique to you
The size is ideal for busy people on the move
Extremely versatile and can be used for several different functions
An Ideal gift for males and females of all ages from young to old
Not something you will see every day and will definitely impress your friends or colleagues

If you are looking for something unique to you that has a touch of the past but also fits in well with our lifestyles today, then look no further than the HIBERNO journal.

  • DESIGNED TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD and it certainly achieves that. Buffalo Leather is incredibly soft but ultra-durable. Make your friends envious when they see this beautifully designed goals notebook.
  • MANUFACTURED USING COTTON RAG PAPER – 125gsm thick enough that your pen won’t bleed and very comfortable to write on. 120 pages so with both sides you get 240 pages to write on. If you are looking for gifts for men or gifts for women look no further.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR FRIENDS, FAMILY OR COLLEAGUES –Great for Traveling, Grocery lists, Appointments Reminder, Artist Sketchbook, Teenagers Journal, Making Notes at meetings, planning your daily tasks, putting ideas on Paper, Personal Diary, Writing Poems or Lyrics to that new song in your head.
  • HANDMADE IN INDIA BY LOCAL CRAFTSMEN AND WOMEN whose families have been doing this for generations. As each Journal is handmade, no two journals are the same so what you are receiving is a Handmade Journal that is unique to you.
  • WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE? We can’t Guarantee that you will love it but we can guarantee that if you don’t, then you can just return it and you can benefit from our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE