HIBERNO Scratch Map

What do you get?
1 x 32.5in x 23 in Scratch Map
1 Scratch Pen
1 Tube to Safely Transport Map

What’s the best way to use this map?
Remove it from its tube and place it on your wall.
Use the provided scratch pen to carefully remove the outer layer for the country or state that you have visited.
Do the same for the country flag at the bottom of the map.
You can either leave the map on the wall or it can be placed inside a frame. Either way it will stand out and you and your friends and family will love it.

Not only beautiful but also educational!
Our map can also be used as an educational tool. Most of us have heard of faraway lands but not all of us know where they sit in the world. Kids and adult alike love to learn and to know where other countries are is a useful skill during conversations, watching the news on TV and improving our overall general knowledge about the world we live in.

So, what are you waiting for!

Experience the Better Way to Track your Travels!  Simply Click the “Add To Cart” Button to Get the Best Available Scratch Map. And Consider Getting One for Your Best Friend!

  • TRAVEL IS THE ONLY THING YOU BUY THAT MAKES YOU RICHER – We don’t know who is responsible for that quote but they got it right. Our Travel Scratch Map not only reminds you of some of the wonderful trips that you have already taken but also of the places that you have yet to visit.
  • BRIGHTEN UP YOUR LIVING ROOM OR STUDY and spend hours studying our world and planning your trip of a lifetime. Our map includes the 196 countries of the world including the latest country South Sudan. All continents are included as well as each ocean in stunning blue. And for the USA, we have split our country into each of our amazing 50 states.
  • MAKE YOUR FRIENDS ENVIOUS OF YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCES when they come to visit. Let them see for themselves where you and/or your family have visited. When your day is not going too great look at the Map and think back to the wonderful places you have been to and plan your next vacation.
  • EDUCATIONAL AND FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY – Learn more about the world we live in. Who can find Turkey, Zambia and South Korea the quickest? Instil the travel bug in your children. Let them imagine how much fun it would be to visit far off countries when they are older. Travel is such a good source of education for us all and enriches our lives in so many ways.
  • GUARANTEED MONEY BACK IF YOU ARE NOT totally happy with your purchase. We have produced what we consider the best available Scratch Map on the market. If you don’t love it as much as we do we will refund you your money without question. Our job though, is to make sure that we provide the best possible customer service and product for you.